Gathas for Daily Living

Gatha for breakfast:

Crunch cakes, so good to taste, nourishment for the body.

Love exchanged through the eyes of another, nourishment for the soul.

Gatha for any moment:

Only now is. Only now am I. All else is distraction and illusion.

Gatha for fear:

(Let me) overcome my fear of opinions of others.

Gatha for listening:

I am listening. In this moment, nothing exists but you and your words.

Gatha for being interrupted:

Breathing, I am beckoned. Breathing, I am interrupted. 

Breathing, I listen/read. Breathing, I process. Breathing, I respond.

Gatha for relationships:

I now freely send love to others. Perhaps they (and I) will experience the love and joy from each other and we will all experience LOVE with people outside of outselves to nurture relationships/

Gatha for sorrow pointing to joy:

Forgiving myself, I bow to my sorrow and to my joy, seeing clearly that they are not two things, but one.

Gatha for a moment of frustration:

I give thanks for the small surge of frustration that tells me I am stuck fast. 

I let it go... let go... let go... until things flow again.

Gatha for getting from here to there:

I breathe with each step, my mind in the present moment.

Noticing the beings around me, staying curious and aware of my surroundings,

I let go of past situations and future tasks

to rest in the now.

Gatha for life mission:

The one thing we all have in common is that we will leave this life as we know it. May our legacy in life be that we were as peaceful and compassionate as possible. 

Gatha for remembering our mortality:

Death resides in each of us, this body, too, a corpse.